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Greetings, viewers. I figured I’d just give the laydown on generally how stuff is going as far as this blog and my writing in general go, because heaven knows I don’t update a much as I should. This is due to many factors, but this isn’t a pity party post, it’s an update post, so let’s actually talk updates. First off, the stuff you actually know.

Random Media Reviews: They’ll happen again from time to time. Not saying when or what, but they’ll happen.

Pokémon Verdance and Wasteland: This is the only project I can give a solid answer on time wise, even though that answer is “whenever I get more art from my artist teammate”.

Arkadenverse/Molti Segreti Nascosti: 2012 and 2013 were definitely the Years of the Arkaden – the core campaign guide, two faith-based character supplements, and six Case Files supplements. 2014? …Not so much. I’m taking a full-on “not writing even a paragraph or two” hiatus from the Arkadenverse. How long that will last until it moves into “writing sometimes” is still unknown.

And now, for the two big things that are completely new talk… Read the rest of this entry »

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Pokémon Verdance and Wasteland: Starting Town and Starter Pokemon

Welcome, belatedly, to the first post of this project. I know, I first mentioned it four months ago, but if anything chronic over-saturation of ideas is one of my weaknesses, as my like five or so folders of scattered notes for different d20 campaign setting ideas can attest to. So, without further adieu, let’s finally open up the first entry on Pokémon Verdance and Wasteland.

Note: Pokémon is the copyright of Nintendo and Game Freak.

Area Header-Bullrush Town

This peaceful little marsh town has been Read the rest of this entry »


Announcement: Gotta Catch an Idea

Sometimes, Arkaden writing just doesn’t come to me. Sometimes, my mind wanders to varied places. Many unfinished setting ideas, fanworks, and “I wonder”s abound. This happens to include one of my favorite game series: Pokémon. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Monstrous Halloween Release…and That’s no Trick!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

While illness, depression, writer’s block, and other issues seemed to plague me over the past month, the Arkadenverse Halloween special did indeed make it on time.In the newest Case Files, Things That go Bump in the Night, you’ll come face to face with twenty Halloween horrors that include:

  • The apotamkin, a hairy shadow monster from Maliseet and Passamaquoddy mythology that is infamous for stealing children to eat.
  • Darkwell undead, creatures from beyond the grave that are juiced up on high concentrations of necrotic energy.
  • The sinister graymalkins, fairy cats that suck the air right out of your lungs.
  • Haunted scacrecrorws that hunt you in the dead of night near abandoned fields.
  • The grave-creeping tombstone fairies, who will bring a loved one back from the dead…for a price.

Click right here to download Case Files-Things That go Bump in the Night!


Quite a BIG announcement for the Arkadenverse

For the first time in a long time, I have another post for this blog within a month of the last. And another new release, at that!

Today’s big new installment to the Molti Segreti Nascosti line of titles is actually a mini-supplement: one on giants! See, the title of this post is a pun on the fact that giants are grandiose in size and…bah, forget it, just download it here.

In further Arkadenverse news, I plan on going through the older small titles I’ve released and adding an errata page to this blog. It turns out that one person working on their own as a hobby makes an individual prone to mistakes. Who knew?

Finally, there’s the subject of upcoming releases. I have no real pin date for any larger titles, but on the topic of smaller releases I’ll say one should expect at least one more Case Files by Halloween, and possibly a new divine spellcaster-themed supplemental within the same time frame.

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Then suddenly, a new Molti Segreti Nascosti release!

Do you like heroes? Do you like legends? Do you like legendary heroes?

Well then, the newest Arkadenverse supplement may in fact be for you! Avatars, Demigods, and Heroes is a new supplemental mini-title that focuses on hero worship and characters capable of performing legendary tasks. Inside you’ll find ten new advanced and prestige classes including the spirit-warding Cleanser and super-strong Legendary Warrior, rules on and feats for 21st+ level characters such as the lead-raining feat Bullet Hell, and a new template for characters whose magic is shaped by a belief that they are the new avatar of an ancestral spirit, folk hero, or deity.

Click here to download it.


Release Time: Case Files 2-Cryptid Creatures is Here!

Download it here.

The second Case Files entry, Case Files 2-Cryptid Creatures covers ten mysterious monsters such as the relentless regenerating maero, immense water-stopping mokele-mbembe, and vile draconic tatzelwurm, as well as two bonus templates: the fog-drifting Mist Creature and the abyssal undead Sea-Claimed.


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