General Subject Update

It’s been over a year since my last post. Gee, that sure is surprising, isn’t it? Not like I’m well known for having big periods of inactivity or anything.

Well, here I am again, mainly to talk about stuff in general and this blog’s future.

First and foremost, I have started another blog that can be found here. There’s nothing on it yet, but it will serve the purpose of being a dumping ground for anything not related to roleplaying games or reviews. A random stream of conscience post about something? There, not here. A writing project not related to roleplaying games? There, not here. Etc., etc. I already have one dumb little thing planned for that blog already, and I will eventually begin moving posts from here to there if they don’t apply here.

Second, the Pokémon Verdance and Wasteland project’s status: currently on indefinite hiatus due to matters outside of my control. If a post comes, it will come like a ship in the night rather than at any expected time. It will also come at my other blog.

Third, reviews: they will still exist when I feel like it. Don’t worry about me never returning ever or anything, I promise.

And then there’s the fourth matter…fourth and last, but not least. This is the matter of actual roleplaying game writing content. Most of you reading this have probably known what I’m going to be writing here for months now, but in case you haven’t, I have started to change my system of choice from d20 Modern to GURPS. Long story short is that there was some soul-searching, system seeking, and lots of questions asked to myself, and that was the end result. I won’t be attempting to provide any time schedules or updates here, and will instead just be giving finalized links of collected PDFs.

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Setting Compare and Contrast

I have started actively (well, semi-actively – I have a lot of bad creativity days where I don’t feel like writing lately, and this is not a paying job to worry about after all) writing for Molti Segreti Nascosti/the Arkadenverse again…but with some changes. I am going to be doing a rewrite of the core campaign guide again, effectively going into the next draft of the setting. The urban fantasy and conspiracy aspects will be front and center: Earth first and foremost. That’s not to say that the other dimensions in the setting will be retconned out or anything (though I may have to finally give a definitive fix on the naming error I ended up doing with a mere typo those years ago, and there will probably be some retcons), no, it’s just going to be a heavy focus shift. Feeling more confident in adding other settings to my writing repertoire has allowed me to branch out and actively pick and choose what feels like the maximum amount of something in one setting. This definitely has big improvement potential with Arkaden, where I ended up having 23 pages of monsters I wanted to use alone, not even counting anything else like character game mechanics or fluff pieces.

To avoid this just being a brief notice, I’m also going to post some material that was conceived on a mental level about a week ago and solidified when I made my final decision on how to go about new Arkaden writings alongside For Queen and Conjurer and Fallen Stars, but had to be postponed due to unfortunate technical difficulties. Basically, the idea was a post where I go introspective on a handful of the various things (mostly creatures) are found in all three settings and what makes them different from each other, a sort of look at when it is different enough that the overlap doesn’t seem redundant. I could have gone even farther and noted things that are found in two of the settings but not one of the others, but I figured that might be overkill. In any case, sit back and enjoy reading me babbling about this inconsequential behind the scenes stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

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For Queen and Conjurer Preview: Fact and Fiction

In this post, I’m going to be previewing some of the “Story vs. History” sidebars you will be able to find in the For Queen and Conjurer Campaign Guide when it’s completed. And just what is “Story vs. History”? Well, here’s the definition I wrote in the campaign guide itself:

Throughout this campaign setting guidebook, you will come across bordered off tan-tinted text blocks, labeled “Story vs. History”. What exactly are these splotches of color otherwise intruding on the uniform realm of black text on white background? One might consider them a creator’s commentary of sorts, as they are used to give authorial intent on a topic at hand that would be disruptive to insert into the main text. This typically involves the discussion of either a subject of contention, some manner of character archetype, or a point where the narrative drastically departs from known history in a way beyond merely adding elements of the fantastical or the supernatural – how to deal with a difference in the lineage of United States presidency, for instance. Future supplements are planned which will feature the events of the setting beyond 1888 up to the fall of the British Empire as they “should” happen, but this should by no means prevent the GM from creating their own vision of the future, and it is for this reason that Story vs. History drops such hints as potential plot hooks.

So, without further adieu, here are a quartet of them for you to purview. Read the rest of this entry »

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For Queen and Conjurer Preview: The Forms of Magic

In For Queen and Conjurer, the typical d20 system spell schools are eschewed in favor of seven schools that focus on form rather than function to emphasize the individuality of the origin of the magic for the more limited (for humans, at least) spellcasting of the setting. The preview here covers them all. Read the rest of this entry »

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For Queen and Conjurer Preview: The Planes of Existence

To somewhat partition the Godzilla glut as of late, here’s some of my latest writing for For Queen and Conjurer. There may be a decent flow of these today or over the next few days (or even both), as I’ve been out of a slump lately and feel the sharing love. Read the previous posts on the subject if you haven’t already for some context.

Magic is often referred to as the art of peeling back the layers of the mysterious, and aptly so. The very universe itself is layered – not one, but five separate existences in cohabitation with each other. While a plane itself stretches into effective infinity (“effective” as some have speculated there is an edge to each of the universes, trillions of miles past their centers), there are finite realms within the planes as well that have come to be known as dominions. The five planes of existence can be effectively grouped into two categories – the manifest planes (those that humans can reach from Earth) and the esoteric planes (those that cannot). Read the rest of this entry »

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Thoughts on IDW’s Godzilla Comics, Part 5: The Half-Century War

It had to happen sooner or later, no matter what order I reviewed this comics in. It’s time for The Half-Century War. Both written and illustrated by James Stokoe, this is arguably one of the most beloved modern Godzilla comics, or at the very least the most critically acclaimed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thoughts on IDW’s Godzilla Comics, Part 4: Plain Ol’ Godzilla

As we pass the halfway point on IDW’s Godzilla comics so far, we reach the sequel to Kingdom of Monsters: Godzilla! That’s right, the one without any subtitles comes second, not first, what a twist. Comixology refers to this series as “Godzilla: Ongoing“, but since I’m fairly sure that was both a title of convenience to avoid confusion and irrelevant now that it’s far past ongoing, I’ll refer to it simply as italicized Godzilla as the comic cover does. Read the rest of this entry »

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