Celtic Gaming: Top Ten WTF moments

23 Jan

Eurgh…Exercise is not what a gamer is meant to do…but I’m here with my weekly top ten, I’ll have a triple barrelled update during the week, before the next top ten, so don’t worry about that. This week, I’m gonna look at my top ten WTF moments in gaming. They cause you to swear at the screen, feel betrayed, just knock you on your ass…And I’m celebrating them! Tally-ho! ((Please note the Scotsperson is not responsible for spoilers – if you do not wish to have games spoiled, then scroll or read very slowly))

Number 10

Fable 2 – The Potion of Transmogrification.

This item is only available if you pay 1,000,000 gold for Fairfax Castle after the Main Story has finished. You have to go kill bandits…lots of bandits, kill the butler after he quits, and you come across a potion which is able to change your gender. Interesting, right? The effect alone should be a WTF moment alone, right? Well, it’s actually what the bottle looks like that warrants its inclusion in this list…The bottle looks like what every Y chromosome person has. I’m all for symbolism, but seriously…someone was just…drunk, or high, or combination of both when they designed the bottle.

Number 9

Prey – The introduction sequence.

I only briefly played this game, but I played it long enough to see one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. You’re sitting in a bar with your girlfriend and Dad…or Granddad…I don’t know, I was too busy playing with the poke button to pay attention ((More on that in a later review)) After you bash the skulls of two bikers who were trying to get lucky with your girlfriend with a wrench – the lights and machines start going weird, then turn off. Then, looking round, you see stools and such floating into the sky. Looking up, an alien warship is plucking you, the old man and the girlfriend-who-you-must-go-rescue-cliché from safety and into one of the most messed up roller-coasters ever.

Number 8

Mass Effect – The Final Battle

This was certainly a weird moment for me. What essentially happened was that Saren, the guy who you have been chasing all game, is now machine, thanks to the true baddie. Now, at this point you’ve already defeated him ((Not easy with just a pistol – my class only used Sniper Rifles and Pistols)) so, you sit there, all smug, until after getting shot in the head, the body stands up, and most of the skin melts away, leaving a robotic-skeleton, possessed by the main baddie, glowing an EVIL red. Not a deep red, or a shiny red…an EVIL red.

Number 7

Digimon World 3 – When the real baddies make themselves known

I’ll hold my hands up, I loved this game when I was younger – and if I hadn’t had it stolen, it would be sitting proudly in my top ten games. I’m on the hunt for a new copy, but it is a rare game indeed…Anyway, the main baddie makes himself known, and shows his dastardly plan. To turn everyone into little Pigmons…or something similar…Again, my memory isn’t too trustworthy on the exacts of the plot, but there was one point when the brother of a main person was transformed the first time you saw that in the game, and that just caused my eyebrow to shoot up into my hair.

Number 6

Left 4 Dead – Level 5 of No Mercy

Bear with me on this one. This Level takes part on the roof of the hospital. Now, when you summon the helicopter to save yourself, you have Infected pouring out of your arse. One guaranteed thing that WILL happen is the Tank showing up. If he shows up when you rush to the helicopter, you can guarantee not all four will GET TO DA CHOPPA! *Ahem* Sorry. This WTF moment was cemented when I saw Louis go flying past, off the roof, when I was standing in the chopper. Bit of a bugger when you’re going for an achievement when all four make it alive. Having one punched off the roof isn’t useful for that.

Number 5

Final Fantasy X – The Fayth’s revealification

Okay, this one was a surprise for me. You’re walking along, and all of a sudden, this can of worms is opened up! I mean, it makes everything seem sensible, but dude! That’s something you do not tell someone when they’re trying to save a life! In fact, the whole game has some WTF moments…In fact, the whole SERIES has WTF moments. Let’s just say Final Fantasy as a whole is one big WTF moment. They’re still good though.

Number 4

Pokemon Red and Blue – The Old Man Glitch

One of Gaming’s most infamous glitches, where players got Unlimited Rare Candy to gain Level 100 Pokemon without even trying…the lazy bastards. ((The Management would like to point out that Scotsperson is not at all bitter they fixed this glitch for Pokemon Yellow)) After doing an exact sequence of events, the player could fly to Cinnebar Island, and Surf along the right hand side of the island, encountering Level 132 Hypnos and Mewtwos, and Missigno…or M’ as it was also known as. What was really weird about it though that M’ evolved into Kangaskhan.

Number 3

Fable 2 – Pre-Final Boss

Yep, Fable 2 has two major WTF moments. This one is more so than the …you-know-what. Lucien, the big bad baddie interrupts a ceremony you are taking part in to kidnap your friends, and announces, out of the blue, he’s killed your family, then shoots your faithful dog. It’s a plot twist, but it’s out of the blue, and leaves you feeling gobsmacked. You can revive your dog and family, as the “Neutral” ending, but if you don’t then that moment pretty much messes you up.

Number 2

Halo 2 – The Ending.

I have no clue what the hell Bungie were thinking with this ending. When Master Chief says “I’m going to finish the fight,” the players are going “Awesome!”…until the credits kicked in. It was one of the most painful endings in a game, and Halo Fanboys and girls had to wait until 2007 for Halo 3. If you have a line like that, don’t just go to the credits and mess up your fans! Let them blow something up!

Number 1

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker – The Entire Game

This game defines WTF. MJ attacks by dancing and grabbing his crotch, he’s supposed to rescue little kids who all look alike ((I am well aware of the potential reference/foreboding)) He can do a special move where all the enemies on screen dance with him, and then all get hurt, but the main thing that grants Moonwalker Number 1 is the fact that once a level you can find Bubbles, and fuse with him to become Mecha-Michael. Or Robo-Jackson…He transforms into a robot after fusing with a monkey! That’s WTF, plain and simple.

Ten top weird moments from my perspective, done. I’d do a paragraph rounding this all up, but all I can say is go and look for this stuff on YouTube. Words alone cannot describe these events.

Over the next seven days, I’ll be taking a look at the now-gen consoles.


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