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Rappy’s (Belated) RPG Reviews: Modern System-Gangland

Yes, it’s a day late, and yes, it’s another RPGObjects review…it’s the majority of my collection and I was more sick than usual yesterday, so deal with it. 😛 This time, we’re looking at a tome known as Modern System-Gangland; this will be in the same “break it down” style I used in Wizards and Wiseguys because, again, it’s a shorter book than most I review. Now, I haven’t actually used this book at all. I want to, but I haven’t found a good niche for it in my setting yet (although some ideas have come up that are WIPs). That doesn’t make it any less awesome, and again, Open Game Content abounds! I am nearly tethered to OGC, because of the fact that without it, I’d be doing a hell of a lot more homebrew than any one person should. Totally not lazy, though. Just some people have better ideas than I do that they allow to be reproduced with the Open Game License info added in as a “here, this is where I got this, you get it to” sticker. I don’t mind that. In fact, I love it as a way of citing references. But I digress…on to the actual review! Read the rest of this entry »

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Celtic Gaming: Sonic and the Secret Rings

I live! After focusing on my first thing to be published ever, I’m back to review what appears to be something that needs to be put out its misery so it may be reincarnated into something, well – enjoyable or just put disposed of. Yes, I’m talking about Sonic and the Secret Rings, although this may end up about all the 3D Sonic Games…Let us see, shall we? The first of a Triple Barrel Update Weekend – MMO tips tomorrow.

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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Wizards and Wiseguys

Yep, this review is for yet another RPGObjects d20 Modern tome, Wizards and Wiseguys. It’s a smaller than typical book, but I felt like a brief review instead of no review at all. The fact that there is no actual chapter system means that I’ll have to talk about it slightly differently than normal. Read the rest of this entry »


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Rappy’s RPG Reviews schedule: the next few weeks

Despite the annoyance of minor acid reflux, I am here to present more d20 review goodness to you, the people.

February 25: Wizards and Wiseguys by RPGObjects

February 27: Modern System-Gangland by RPGObjects

March 2: Savage Species by Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons review special week day 1)

March 4: Unorthodox Monks by The Le Games (D&D review special week day 2)

March 6: Broncosaurus Rex series by Goodman Games-Reminiscing (D&D review special week finale; not really a review so much as a look at all the books in said series as a whole)

March 9: Modern Organizations-Crime and Punishment by the Game Mechanics

March 11: Thrilling Tales -Zeppelin Adventures by Adamant Entertainment

March 13: d20 Cyberscape by Wizards of the Coast

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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Alien Invasion

Okay folks, listen up! From now on, unless I cannot make an update and have to do it on a different day, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will be Rappy’s RPG Reviews day, with any other days update from me instead of Celtic Gamer being a bonus for me. So, what do we have today? Well, ignore that previous schedule, because my timing was all messed up. ^^; I will get around to reviewing that stuff, including my first D&D review, just not when I said ((Psst…..look tomorrow for an update schedule that\’s actually correct). Anyway…today’s review is a look at the whopper of a book known as Alien Invasion, brought to us by the designers at Reality Deviant Productions (sold via RPGObjects). Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Blood and Guts 2-Military Training Manual

Welcome again, folks! It’s time for another RPG review from yours truly. Today’s is on another RPGObjects project; in this case, Blood and Guts 2-Military Training Manual. Read the rest of this entry »


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Celtic Gaming: The Force Unleashed

Hello folks, Scotsperson here once more with my latest review. Today, I’m paying attention to George Lucas’ attempt to pad out the Original and sequel trilogies – The Force Unleashed. I’ll be focusing on the 360 version. Will I unleash forceful anger, or bestow a medal of praise? Let us go find out…

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