Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Blood and Guts 2-Military Training Manual

20 Feb

Welcome again, folks! It’s time for another RPG review from yours truly. Today’s is on another RPGObjects project; in this case, Blood and Guts 2-Military Training Manual.

Chapter 1

I’m going to skip the “advanced classes come first” quip this time and go straight into this with a little discussion. All of these advanced classes are essentially replacements for the Soldier advanced class, being more specialized in a specific military field than the general “I shoot stuff!” Soldier. First up is the Assault Training advanced class; this fellow has a bonus to hit points and Intimidate, a bonus to Defense when assaulting entrenched positions, an advanced form of the Teamwork feat, and Advanced Training. You will notice Advanced Training a lot…because every advanced class here has it. I won’t mention it again for this very reason. Recon Training is an advanced class that grants increased speed and abilities related to stealth and survival, while the Infantry Training goes for the opposite by gaining various bonuses while entrenched in a single spot. The Specialist is…well, a specialist. In addition to gaining Smart Defense like other Smart Hero-based “field classes”, she gains various abilities centered around a single skill, her “favored skill”. Leadership Training is like a Bard without magic, instead having tactical abilities.

Chapter 2

This chapter starts with some new skill uses. For isntance, we get to learn how the Climb skill can be used for rappelling, electronic propaganda with the Computer Use skill, Craft (Structural) as a key to fortification building, and more. There are also HALO and LALO drops for those interesting. Anyway, moving on… Feats. There is a major “tree” of feats; these aren’t really feats that need each other, but they are grouped together more or less. These are the warfare Warfare College feats; these come in the flavors of arctic, desert, jungle/swamp, mountain, and urban. Each one gives you a bonus to three skills of your choice while in said environment. There is also one that is for amphibious assaults, that is for some reason named Amphibious Assault Training rather than Amphibious Warfare College, but whatever. The rest are fairly typical for what you’d expect from a military RPG supplement, such as vehicle and weapon stuff, aircraft-related feats, and the Teamwork feat. There’s also a load of MOS feats, such as MOS Armor and MOS Law Enforcement. These gain you a bonus to certain feats or access to them as class skills, and a bonus feat in a sort of compensation for taking the feat.

We also get those Advanced Training talents we heard about in chapter 1. These are also quite ranged, with things as far-spread as a Bombing Run tree to a Sharpshooter tree. Afterward, there are several big lists of various military ranks. This includes what promotion DC (a d20 plus modifiers based on Charisma, reputation, and class level) to get into the rank, how much can requisition, and what wealth bonus the military gives you for your promotion. There are also a look at various forms of medals. Medals grant a character promotion check bonuses, and have noted prerequisites; for instance, you need to take at least 1/4 your hit points in damage to get a Purple Heart.


What art there is is clean, crisp black and white; it’s the RPGObjects standard.

Final Thoughts

This is an interesting little tome. While you’d think it would be limited to military campaigns, but a lot of the items have a chance of finding their way into other campaign types. The propaganda rules could fit into anything from a tribal culture with an influental leader to a cultist brainwashing his followers, for instance. Overall well made, but I do have a few quips. For instance, all of the military ranks are for various forms of military in the USA, with no examples of anything else such as British organizations like the RAF. 9/10.


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