Rappy’s RPG Reviews schedule: the next few weeks

24 Feb

Despite the annoyance of minor acid reflux, I am here to present more d20 review goodness to you, the people.

February 25: Wizards and Wiseguys by RPGObjects

February 27: Modern System-Gangland by RPGObjects

March 2: Savage Species by Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons review special week day 1)

March 4: Unorthodox Monks by The Le Games (D&D review special week day 2)

March 6: Broncosaurus Rex series by Goodman Games-Reminiscing (D&D review special week finale; not really a review so much as a look at all the books in said series as a whole)

March 9: Modern Organizations-Crime and Punishment by the Game Mechanics

March 11: Thrilling Tales -Zeppelin Adventures by Adamant Entertainment

March 13: d20 Cyberscape by Wizards of the Coast

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