Celtic Gaming: Top Ten Final Fantasy Heroes

09 Apr

Hello folks – today, we be looking at my top ten Final Fantasy Heroes/Heroines for Final Fantasy month. Now, this isn’t limited to numbers one all the way to twelve. This involves the spin-offs, sequels. If it’s Final Fantasy, made by Square/Square-Enix and I know about it, then it’s in! So, let’s go on a trip down memory lane…Be warned, for spoilers exist beyond!

Number 10

Adelle – Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Tales of the Grimoire

As possibly one of the newest protagonists in the list, Adelle, or Adelle the Cat, as she is also known gains this spot from being not only a rather interesting character, but a rather plausible background. When you first meet her, she is…well, pretty much a thieving cold-hearted bitch. No other way around it, alas, however, she decides to make up for her thievery by helping the clan out. Later on, we see there is a reason for her thievery, she leaves the clan temporarily so to stop using them, but after she’s brainwashed and fights Luso, the main protagonist who’s a bit too clueless for the list, she comes to her senses and reforms her ways, caring less about herself, and more about people around her. Oh, and she has some good one liners.

Number 9

Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy VII

I liked Tifa mainly because of two reasons. She wasn’t a clingy, whiny, female protagonist like you get in most ((Yuna in FFX anyone?)) – not exactly one of the first strong females in FF history, but one of the more memorable, and unfortunately lusted after, because for some reason, on the girl’s slim physique is…what can only be described as beach balls. This is probably the sign that I should have seen that Final Fantasy will have at least one poor girl to be the subject of fanboy desires…

Number 8

Zell Dincht – Final Fantasy VIII

Yeah, I liked Zell! He was hyper, funny and a bit on the crazy side. The man is one of the very, very few characters to not use weapons, instead going with fists to attack crap. With an obsession over hot dogs, a rather nice tattoo, and hair that resembles a paintbrush; Zell was one of the “Cocky, enthusiastic” types of Final Fantasy protagonists. However, he proves he can also be serious, being loyal, with high integrity points. If it wasn’t for the fact he’s a plain idiot most of the time, he’d be higher, but he is the game’s comic relief, alas.

Number 7

Vincent Valentine – Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

Yes, he’s only an optional character. Yes, he starred in one of the worst games to haunt my PS2, but say what you like, he’s bad-ass, and would be higher if he had another emotion from “Indifferent” – although he does show Apathy rather well. He can transform into a Beast, a Frankenstein-esque creature, a horror movie reject and a demon ((Although only the first and last ones made it to Dirge)). He uses his gun, and can be freakishly insightful.

Number 6

Paine – Final Fantasy X-2

Yeah, I have a soft spot for the bad-ass people, however Paine is different from Vince as she does rather emote…not much, but she still emotes, pulling off the angry goth persona, however she does cheer up to…well, just normal goth. She comes up with some of the best lines in the game, the best one responding to Rikku when she asks if they need a password for a dragon thing. Her response? “How about Kick. It’s. Ass.” Classic.

Number 5

Galuf Halm Baldesion – Final Fantasy V

Galuf is earns a spot for a number of reasons. First off, when FFV was first released, amnesia for an RPG character was rather rare, so he gets some bonus points for that. He was also the first Final Fantasy Main Protagonist to die – yeah, not Aeris – however, his death, compared to that of General Leo of FFVI fame, and Aeris was deemed not worthy of bucketloads of false rumours spread across the world on how to get him back. This may be because Krille, his granddaughter, gained all his old power and stats minutes after his death. Which was one of the best scenes I’ve seen in a Final Fantasy game.

Number 4

Ezel Berbier – Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

This one is cheating a bit, because he isn’t necessarily a main Protagonist, however he is crazy, a bit of a rebel and a deranged lunatic. He provides you with Anti-Laws, one of the game’s main features, flaunts the Judges by mocking them…he features little, so there’s not much to say. Still a cool man though

Number 3

Balthier – Final Fantasy XII

Ah, Balthier, possibly the most sophisticated Final Fantasy hero. He did things with style and finesse, and despite sounding like a know-it-all idiot, he’s got a sort of James Bond ladies-man charm that really is rather intruiging. A Sky Pirate who used to be a Judge, the assholes you hit with blunt swords until they fall over. He seems purely buisness-based with most people, however has a seemingly soft spot for his partner-in-crime Fran ((Who narrowly missed out on a Top 10 spot))

Number 2

Barret Wallace – Final Fantasy VII

He sounds, acts and looks like Mr. T – that’s enough.

Number 1

Auron – Final Fantasy X

Yep, Auron. The aging, zombie, drinking warrior is my number 1. His voice, his attitude…everything just comes off as refined, unfazable – and he is never fazed. His best moment comes just before the party fights Yunalesca at Zanarkand. He makes the most awesome speech about casting aside their faith and strike her down. To live without faith, or to die with false hope. Auron kicks seven types of ass and you all know it! All three of you who reads Celtic Gaming!

So there you go. Insert generic comment about Tuesday here!


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  1. Tyris

    April 9, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Actually, all three of us are quite clueless. 😛


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