Let’s Watch Primeval: Season 3, Episode 3

12 Apr

Hiya! As a bit of a new style, I decided that I’d try a little “Let’s Watch” of the latest Primeval, with me giving commentary and quips on it where I find myself inclined to. If it’s given a positive welcome, I may do it for the previous seasons as well. Obviously, spoilers for the episode in question.

1 Minute, 40 Seconds: Oh Lester, have you no shame? Bobbing in people’s scale models of the fabric of space-time…

3 Minutes, 30 Seconds: Crazy News Lady-No one believes they [dinosaurs] exist in the 21st Century, I don’t either.
Me-You apparently haven’t met too many young earthers, have you?

4 Minutes: Wait, this guy seems familiar…he was in…erm…dammit, what episode was he in? The mammoth one, I think.

6 Minutes: Helen now has an anomaly detector gadget thingy? What happened to her whole “I innately know the anomalies” thing?

8 Minutes, 11 Seconds: Adowable! ^o^ …Okay, I’m probably the only one that finds these creatures adorable, aren’t I? Anyway, it’s time for some fun palaeofacts. These creatures, our stars of today’s shows, are a Permian-era mammal-like reptile known as diictodon, a member of the dicynodonts. They are best described as being tiny reptilian hippos with tusks.

9 Minutes, 50 Seconds: Behold the power of inter-evolutionary timeline love!

10:42: Aha! Abby agrees with me, they are adorable.

13 Minutes, 30 Seconds: Appearance of the Nega-Cutter!

19 Minutes, 50 Seconds: Using a pregnant woman’s distress calls as bait for the diictodons…real classy there, Cutter.

21 Minutes, 10 Seconds: Lester, the observant one! Thank you for noticing that Nega-Cutter is weird.

22 Minutes, 45 Seconds: O…kaaay. So Helen needs to perform hypnotist acts to control her minions now?

28 Minutes: Cutter and Nega-Cutter staredown! Will the original or the clone win?

29 Minutes, 50 Seconds: Okay, something’s telling me that Helen’s insistance that clones are just mindless creatures means she isn’t pro-clone rights.

30 Minutes, 36 Seconds: Humanity ends with extinction via a plague of Future Predators? Well, that’s…erm…not what I expected at all.

33 Minutes, 10 Seconds: So…Cutter will invent the Future Predators in the future and let them loose to rule the world? That makes…absolutely no sense! I think Helen’s bluffing.

36 Minutes, 16 Seconds: Helen is owned. And by a voice emulator no less. How the mighty have fallen.

37 Minutes, 40 Seconds: We now pay our last respects to Nega-Cutter, who sacrificed himself so that the real Cutter would not be explodinated by a bomb. In the end, he redeemed himself by showing free will. We salute you, Not-so-Nega Cutter.

40 Minutes, 10 Seconds: Cutter has hidden the MacGuffin power-obelisk! And saved Helen! …Wait, what?

41 Minutes: 50 seconds…Helen turncoat villainess status restored.

43 to 44 Minutes: Cutter has been shot, and he passes the torch to Connor before he dies. My eye status-watery.


I…I have no idea what to say. That was..holy…damn. Cutter was a main character…no, THE main character! He’s been there since the first season! I guess that’s why it’s so hard for me to believe what just happened. We honor your Scottish badassery, Cutter. Godspeed. *Salutes* Sadly, not many people honored Cutter’s death. Primeval 3×3 was on at the same time as the Doctor Who Easter Special, which is ratings murder.

It will be weird looking at the next episode after this. From the previews, we have…

1. A new team member in the form of the former policeman from season 3, episode 2.

2. The creature of the week is a dinosaur this time, specifically giganotosaurus, one of the largest theropods to ever walk the earth.

3. Nigel Marvin (AKA the British Steve Irwin) will be guest-starring. I find this especially amusing, as Nigel has hosted three shows on dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals before: Chased by Dinosaurs, Chased by Sea Monsters, and Prehistoric Park. Hey! If Nigel Marvin is in Primeval canon, maybe that time portal in Prehistoric Park was an anomaly? Hmm…questions, questions…

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