Celtic Gaming: Top Ten Final Fantasy Villains

16 Apr

I took a look at heroes last week, so this time it’s the turn of the Final Fantasy villains, the guys we love to hate, the guys who annoy us when we hear their voice, make us fill with anger at the very sight of them, and the immense joy when we crit hit their sorry ass. So, here’s my top ten punching bags…er, villains.

Number 10

Llednar Twem – Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Llednar is possibly the best example of all talk, no action type of villain, and he is one of the main antagonists throughout the game. He represents the dark side of Mewt Randell. You face him thrice during the main story. The first time, you get lucky as he is carted off for refusing to listen to the Judgemaster. You get lucky again, as after fleeing and healing for several rounds, the Judgemaster re-appears, causing Llednar to flee. The third time is near the final boss – his invincibility is stripped thanks to an omega anti-law card, and gets defeated rather soundly. He turns to stone after the defeat.

Number 9

Biggs and Wedge – Final Fantasy VIII

These guys are the only villains I’ve ever felt sorry for. You face them a number of times throughout the course of the game, and they do try hard, but they fail constantly. You first meet them during the SeeD exam when they’re messing with the communications tower. After that, they were demoted, and send to duty at the Desert prison – where you meet them again. You meet them a few more times, at one point saying there’s no point in fighting Squall and co as they keep getting beaten. I wish more bad guys were like they were…

Number 8

Cagnazzo the Drowned King – Final Fantasy IV

One of the arch-fiends from Final Fantasy IV, he was one of the nastiest of them. Before the game started, he killed the king, and impersonated him, not only sending Cecil to pinch the Water Crystal from helpless Mysidia ((I still doubt that – they’re bloody mages! Did no-one know Fire?)) but also sending him off with Kain to with a Bomb Ring to slay the Summoners of Mist. If that wasn’t enough, he tries to squash the party after he’s defeated, forcing Palom and Porom to turn themselves into statues to save the party…the bastard.

Number 7

Exdeath – Final Fantasy V

Exdeath is a lot like Llednar, except he has the power to back up his talk. He’s incredibly cocky and doesn’t seem to see Bartz and co as genuine threats to his plans, swatting them away like pests instead of killing them outright. He’s an almighty mage, and quite handy with a sword. Exdeath isn’t a person, more a manifestation of a lot of evil souls, which makes him one of the more original Final Fantasy bosses than idiotic men in power. He knows he’s powerful, and won’t hesitate to let you know.

Number 6

Rubicante the Autarch of Flame – Final Fantasy IV

Yep, you’re reading that right – I think that the Arch-Fiends…well, two of them…are awesome! Rubicante is now so much as awesome because of how evil he is…more how polite the guy is. When Edge confronts him over his parents experimentation on, he’s calm and even gives advice saying that Edge will never win if he is guided by emotion. He’s not the nicest, but he’s a villain with honour. Heals you before you fight him, and congratulates you when you win, not pulling any crap like Cagnazzo did.

Number 5

Gilgamesh – Final Fantasy V

The villains were so much cooler back then…Gilgamesh is Exdeath’s right hand man, and is the comic relief villain – this isn’t to say he’s a bad fighter, he can cause you problems. You fight him numerous times during the game, the last time he reveals his true form. However his blade is the Excalipur – the weakest sword ever that deals minimal damage. Exdeath banishes him to the void due to this. He makes one final re-appearance when you venture in the rift, sacrificing himself to let the party defeat a boss.

Number 4

Seifer – Final Fantasy VIII

The guy is determined to hold onto his honour and reputation, despite getting his ass handed to him time after time after time after time after time again. He’s hypnotised into the sorceress’s control, and is send after Squall and Co to stop them…like making a flower girl stop a samurai…and we all know how that turned out.

Number 3

Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII

Yep, one of the most iconic villains of not only the whole of Final Fantasy, but in all of gaming is only at number three. Why? Because despite his overcompensation sword, his power and his badassery – he’s just another messiah complex lunatic who can’t even beat an amnesiac who has similar overcompensation problems and keeps the hair gel companies away from bankruptcy. Don’t get me wrong, the dude scares me, but he isn’t as awesome as people constantly think he is – he suffers from what Final Fantasy VII has always suffered from – first-ever 3D syndrome.

Number 2

Seymour – Final Fantasy X

Seymour Guado, the funny haired, two-faced, twisted villain from Final Fantasy X. He’s the most recent villain in this list, and he earns it well. He kills for fun, with his father, possibly hundreds of Ronso, his old friend Maester Kinoc…the list is endless – and his plot of destroying Spira to save it. At first, he was kind and gentle, with a really annoying voice, then he turned into a nasty little demon with an actual voice full of malice and hate…puberty works fast…

Number 1

Kefka – Final Fantasy VI

His acts, his looks, his dialogue, his laugh…Kefka is the ultimate Final Fantasy villain – hands down.

There’s the list, now I’m gonna go kill lots of people before reviewing Tactics Advance for Tuesday


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  1. jesuschrist

    March 20, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Kuja is #1


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