Let’s Watch Primeval: Season 3, Episode 4

19 Apr

I didn’t get any actual feedback, but so what? 😛 Let’s get this party started…and obviously, spoilers below the fold.

13 Seconds: Gasp! Big Government Woman is wants the strange artifact too

46 Seconds: Big Government Woman has Big Government Medics working on an anesthetized Future Predator, wanting to know how they work so she can control them. Why? It didn’t work well for the last idiot that tried it.

3 minutes, 50 Seconds: Lester is giving our favorite love-interest-in-another-timeline command in Cutter’s place.

5 Minutes: Connor has now transformed into Workaholic Man. Damn, Cutter’s death has made the Ark a depressing place.

7 Minutes, 23 seconds: Big Government Woman is after the anomalies too. Hrmm.

9 Minutes, 23 seconds: While Big Government Military corners our heroes, the strange news reporter man has stolen something.

10 Minutes as a whole: Big Government Woman shows her meanness by blocking access to the tower building where an anomaly was detected.

12 minutes: Lester is angry about this change of events. That cannot be good.

14 minutes, 30 seconds: News journalist and news boss are at an anomaly. That definitely isn’t good.

14 minutes, 35 seconds: Suddenly, Nigel Marvin! Who wants to bet this is a canon explanation for how Nigel Marvin has been in thos Animal Planet/BBC specials where he goes back in time to meet with prehistoric creatures?

18 minutes, 5 seconds: News journalist guy has pulled a trick on Jenny and Connor, locking them in the wrong airport warehouse. How did they not see this coming?! I saw it coming, and I’m not the most attentive person in the world.

19 minutes, 55 seconds: A small dromaeosaur (velociraptor according to Marvin, but that doesn’t mesh with the geography of the next creature) comes through the portal and gives Nigel a nasty little nip before rushing back into the anomaly. Sneaky little fart.

20 minutes as a whole: Huge theropod comes through the anomaly. Huge. Specifically giganotosaurus, a Cretaceous theropod from South America. Giganoto flips over an SUV in its rage. Shades of Jurassic Park. And it…ate Nigel Marvin. Well, damn, there goes my theory from 14:35.

21 minutes, 40 seconds: Ooh, police guy from 3×2 is back! Yay!

24 minutes, 15 seconds: Why are you trying to throw out police guy, Jenny? He saved your crew’s ass back in 3×2.

25 minutes as a whole: Lester doesn’t trust Big Government Woman (apparently named Christine). Smart man, smart man.

26 minutes, 32 seconds: Police guy told you to close the doors, why didn’t you? There’s now a giganotosaurus out in the airport thanks to your “smart thinking”. Congratulations!

27 minutes, 48 seconds: The Ark Van-it can outrun a giganotosaurus.

28 minutes, 40 seconds: Giganotosaurus vs. jumbo jet. Jumbo jet doesn’t faulter at the Cretaceous predator’s assault.

31 minutes, 8 seconds: Cutter’s anomaly containment device works. Ladies and gentlemen, we now have our Techno-Genius Glory Moment.

32 minutes, 50 seconds: Air mail baggage trucks…cannot outrun giganotosaurus.

33 minutes, 15 seconds: Connor having head trauma while a giganotsaurus is near him…not the best timing.

35 minutes, 18 seconds: Police guy (named Danny, apparently). In a helicopter. Dodging the giganotosaurus to distract it. My day is now complete.

38 minutes, 11 seconds: The giganotosaurus eats the journalists and the camera…how convenient.

39 minutes, 40 seconds: The anomaly is closed, Danny is alright, the day is saved…but the helicopter was lost in a pack of giganotosaurus. We mourn your awesomeness, helicopter.

41 minutes, 42 seconds: Danny left. I’s sad. =(

43 minutes, 20 seconds: Okay, the guy on the phone was Abby’s brother, so Abby and Connor can still get together.

44 minutes, 11 seconds: Connor and the two diictodons are having a sleepover. Yay! ^_^

45 minutes, 20 seconds: Christine is waiting with her Big Government Soldiers at the front of the anomaly. I am curious as to what she’s waiting for..

Well, that was an…average episode. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t Primeval’s best either. I think at this point it’s just a matter of waiting for the material to pick up after Cutter’s death. Next time, join us for an episode featuring giant mushroom men made from humans infected by time-displaced spores! …Wait, what? Did the Primeval creators watch Matango before they did that episode or something? And how does that fit into anything at all?! Unless it’s a future creature, in which case I will be sad that it’s another episode lacking prehistoric creatures, but oh well. I reserve my judgement for its fungusy appearance next weekend.

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