Celtic Gaming’s Thursday Table Trimmings – What Final Fantasy should and should not do

23 Apr

Hey there folks, here’s the second-last update of Final Fantasy month – I’d like to think I’ve done rather well so far, not missing an update this month, and I’ll try and keep the momentum going. It’s a minor thing this week – a list of what Final Fantasy should and shouldn’t do. What they should do

• More big-scale boss battles – make them feel like a genuine threat

• Better Villains – bring back Kefka-esque Villains!

• Memorable music – Final Fantasy X in particular

• Griping storyline – something Oscar-worthy…if gaming had Oscars

• Strategy – Make battles more than grind-fests

What they should not do

• Parade under-age girls in revealing outfits – Rikku, FFX – no more

• Let the main Male protagonist have an indication of…manliness? ((Vaan, Tidus, you were good, but pain in the arses))

• Idiotic Villains – Why not kill them when you can? Or have a reason for being evil!

• Not too much linearity – It feels less immersive if I’m being pushed along to follow the story

• Voices – Hire people with some bearable bloody voices!


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