Celtic Gaming’s Thursday Table Trimmings: Wolverine and other views

30 Apr

Heya folks, Scotsperson here with a gaze on recent goings on in my life, what I’ve seen, and what I have planned in the coming months. I don’t do these things often, and in two minutes, you’ll see why.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I’ve heard a lot of people not too keen on the movie, some faceless guy on rip it a new one, but you know what I say? Fuck him, because it was a highly enjoyable movie. I was shocked to see in the movie, so that made me raise my eyebrow and choke on my smuggled munchies. Hey, I am not paying £6 for popcorn and a drink! It’s why I wear combat trousers! I have really big pockets! I could probably fit Rappy in one…Anyway, it was enjoyable, may not win an Oscar, but it was pretty awesome. You ain’t gonna get an in-depth review here, I’m done reviewing movies. One thing I will add is that where Wolverine’s house was shown…is pretty much the same place that Legolas announced they’re taking the hobbits to Isengard…

Let’s Plays

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t considering doing a Let’s Play – and I most likely will by the latest, September – it may be sooner if I get a job and money, but I’m currently saving up for a trip to America in a couple of months. Most likely, my trustworthy 360 will be doing some work, but I may do one for a couple of DS and GBA games…maybe the original Game Boy Colour games too, who knows. I have a few in mind, so hopefully you guys can enjoy them when I can get them up.

Gamer Tags

I am bloody bored of having to deal with idiots on Xbox Live – it’s true. So this is a call out for everyone with a 360 to add me, and maybe team up with sensible people. I realise I’m asking the Internet to give me this, but I’m obviously desperate. My gamer tag is Dagfari Hardbei, and I’m on most days. Add me and give me a shout – I’m usually playing GTA4 or FFXI, but I have a few other games handy as well

Told ya this would be brief,


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