Celtic Gaming’s Thursday Table Trimmings: Downloadable Content

07 May

Ladies and gents, welcome to Celtic Gaming’s Thursday Table Trimmings, where this week, I’m gonna yell about Downloadable Content, and how it appears to be so…well, crap.

This came about when I found out that Bethesda has recently released a third DLC pack for Fallout 3, a game I said a couple of months ago I wasn’t going to review as I liked it too much. The story was good, the guns were fun, and the V.A.T.S. targeting system kept making me love getting a critical headshot on a Super Mutant…so how the blue hell can they fuck up not once, not twice but a colossal three times?!

Anchorage was only good to get Power Armour early; the Pitt was more buggy than a cockroach convention and lo and behold, Broken Steel is more broken than a Window factory opposite a Spice Girls concert on helium ((Thanks to Tyris for that line)) I mean, I can’t really be surprised, it’s the same company who came up with Horse Armour for Oblivion’s DLC. What I don’t get is how big companies can royally screw up like that! I mean, at least Peter Molyneux came out and said that Knothole Island was rushed, and that the new DLC, See the Future, is actually been worked on properly. In fact, if it holds up, I’ll be picking it up alongside a new DS game that I’ve been waiting for.

DLC is such a big possibility, as Rockstar proved with the Lost and Damned. Yet companies are perfectly happy to do bugger all and expect to get paid for it. I mean, I can’t yell about freebie stuff, but why is that not in the game? Resident Evil 5’s Versus mode is a perfect example, with the file a lot smaller than you’d expect, hinting that the option was on the disc, and you had to pay to get it! If I liked Resident Evil I’d be really pissed! I may review it in the coming months if my dentist’s drill slips and gives my brain a nice airing.

If Fable 2’s newest stab at this market slips on the greases stairs, then I will actually be rather happy – it means I can save up money and save up for games I actually want rather than bolster old games with crappy additions. Mass Effect, Team Fortress 2 ((At least on the PC)) – these games prove it’s possible to have good DLC. So why is it so hard? Show me some good DLC, and I’ll…well, be happy. Also, 3D Realms have gone bust – Does this mean Duke Nukem Forever may finally get released, if at least by a new company? This internet reviewer says…who cares? Let’s go kill crap.


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