Celtic Gaming: Future Purchases

14 May

For this Thursday’s randomness, I’ll be talking about a few games I will be purchasing, or looking to purchase within the upcoming…well, months. This will include a couple of DLC, so keep with me.

Game: Pokemon Platinum

Out: 22nd May

Why I want it: Two reasons mainly. One, It solves a few issues that came with Diamond and Pearl. Two, my copy of Diamond has vanished, so I need a replacement.

Game: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Out: Now

Why I want it:  It’s probably the first game since a long time to truly capture what it’s like to be Wolverine.

Game: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Out: 12th June

Why I want it: 2009 is the year of the firsts, in this case, a rare good Batman game. Poor Bats, he gets no respect.

Game: Ghotbusters: The Video Game

Out: 16th June

Why I want it: It’s Ghostbusters 3 in Gaming form!

Game: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Out: Unknown

Why I want it: It’s a sequel to FF4 that’s been out for ages in Japan on phones early, but is being released as Wiiware…I want it.

Game: Final Fantasy XIII

Out: 2010

Why I want it: Because I’m Square-Enix’s bitch.

Game: GTA 4’s DLC Episode 2

Out: Autumn 2009

Why I want it: Considering the Quality of The Lost and Damned, there are few GTA fans who don’t want it.

And that’s it – it’s my recommendation on games for you guys to keep an eye out for as well. Hope you enjoy.

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