Celtic Gaming Previews Tales of Vesperia

19 May

Hello people! Your RPG-obsessed Scotsperson is here once more doing, not a review, rather a preview for the first time. Now, I rarely play demos – in fact, I’ve only played three in the past year, those being Mirror’s Edge ((Turned out to be rubbish)), Left 4 Dead ((Turned out to be great)) and the focus for this week, Tales of Vesperia. Now, a demo is meant to convince someone on the fence if a game is good or not. Let’s see if Tales did a good job here.

The game kindly drops you off, not at the start, but sorta a third of the way through the game, judging from what levels the characters were. You get a nice, entertaining cutscene, and surprisingly from a Japanese game – the voice actors don’t make my ears bleed! The main male protagonist actually sounds and looks male! None of the crap from FFX and FFXII where you had no clue! Anyway, from the moment it starts, it’s obvious that it is a beautiful game. The world looks immense and lovely. I stood there looking around for a minute thinking to myself “Absolutely stunning…” – it draws you in, and kept me intrigued.

From what I saw, it looks like a light-hearted game, especially with the dialogue and humour. It’s bright happy – it was a pleasure to play. The battle system is fiddly at first, and I think it will take a while to get used to. You play in a battlefield with a set area, with one button doing a normal attack, and another button and holding a directional stick lets you do special attacks. It gets a bit fiddly at first, and the camera could be better, but it’s a good idea, and just needs practice to get used to.

There isn’t that much else to say. I can’t comment on the story or the characters, because you don’t get long enough to really find out what the hell’s going on. The characters are well designed, and don’t want to make me rip my ears off. The soundtrack is pretty good, and overall, the demo has shown me that it looks to be a good game, and I plan on not only getting it, but giving it a full review when it’s completed.

Now, I know this is short, but you try and padding out fifteen minutes of gameplay into more than a few paragraphs! And yes, I know it’s out already in America, but I live in the UK! It’s like the barren wastes of gaming! We have to wait months for good games!


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