Celtic Rants: Twilight

08 Jun

What is it with the Internet lately? It loves making me write extra stuff. Twilight. Pish. Greargh…

*Note, this is not a review, more a making fun of over-zealous fans.

If I hear one more bloody thing about these books and movies I will kill someone – Vampires do not sparkle! Read some proper literature you daft people! Get over it! I mean, by the Force, it’s people like the creepy masses who worship the book denies other actually good movies of awards and is just infuriating! Someone tell me the appeal, please – there is no logic, these are not vampires, these are people who bite others covered in bloody glitter! And the fanfics! I’ve neer seen such crap since Harry Potter Fanfics!

BloodRayne was a better movie compared to Twilight. Drew Carey standing naked dancing is better than Twilight. The fandom is ridiculous, as whenever you point out any flaws, they get violent I saw ten seconds of the movie, an had to make an emergency visit to the eye doctor as I had tried to gouge my eyes out. The acting is wooden, the voices are worse than Charmy Bee, the Witch from Left 4 Dead and Bjork singing on helium and the whole idea is ludicrous.

I update properly tomorrow – for now, I mock Twilight fans foolishness…



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2 responses to “Celtic Rants: Twilight

  1. Rutskarn

    June 22, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Far as I can tell, the demographics of Twilight owners/viewers run something like this:

    20%: Wanted to see what the hype was about. Almost invariably disappointed.
    15%: Wanted to be snarking from an informed position.
    35%: Impulse.
    30%: Love the franchise, mostly because it’s an overlap in two incredibly popular subcultures–the gothic no-one-understands-my-darkness group and the true-love-roses-passion-romance-novel group.

    • rappysaur

      June 22, 2009 at 10:36 pm

      And you’d know all about snark, wouldn’t you Rutskarn? 😉 I guess I would too, and my co-bloggers to a smaller extent if Scot’s Twilight rant right here is any indication.


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