Celtic Gaming: Golden Joystick Awards 2009

19 Jun

Yeah, I know all three of us have been kinda behind in updates, but everyone knows that this part of the year is busy for a lot of people. Az has stuff she’s got on, Rappy has a really big project going on, and I’m up to some stuff as well, but what better way to get back to updating than taking a moment to tell you folks about the Golden Joystick Awards (( )). I was putting in my votes and I thought I’d share them with you, and tell you why. There are a couple of games that got my vote in multiple categories, so it will be game first, then the categories. I’ll be leaving out the two UK Specific categories.

Final Fantasy IV

Nintendo Game of the Year

Yeah, out of the candidates I have to say that FF4 was the best choice – there were a couple others I thought “Yeah, they’re good as well” but the port is one of the best I’ve seen – improved graphics, voice acting, everything was given a major upgrade, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was – I was worried that my nostalgic memories would make me reject the remake, but they stayed faithful, and re-created the game well. I had to give my vote to this.

Other Games considered: Madworld, Okami

Football Manager 2009

PC Game of the Year

This may seem like an odd choice, but I love the game, and the series. To take control of your favourite football ((Or Soccer to you weirdo Americans)), and guide them to success if far more than exploring uncharted worlds, slaughtering hordes of zombies or backstabbing someone from behind.

Other games considered: Empire Total War, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

Soundtrack of the Year, Xbox Game of the Year

Yeah, it’s a double award for the DLC big enough to be a stand-alone game. Rockstar were fantastic doing this, and Episode Two promises to be as good, if not better. The extra music was fantastic, and with all the games that came out on the 360 over the past year, I have to give it to Rockstar’s incredible offering.

Other games considered for Soundtrack of the Year: Guitar Hero: World Tour, Left 4 Dead

Other games considered for Xbox Game of the Year: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Rock Band 2

Guitar Hero: World Tour

Playstation Game of the Year

This was way too easy – there were very few good games released for the PS3 or PSP in the last year

Other Games Considered: Crisis Core: FF7, Call of Duty: World of War

Left 4 Dead

Multiplayer Game of the Year, Online Game of the Year, The Ultimate Game of the Year

See the review I did back in January for why I hold this game in high regard. This is an incredible game when you team up with friends, and is deserving of these awards.

Other games considered for Multiplayer Game of the Year: Call of Duty: World at War, Rock Band 2

Other games considered for Online Game of the Year: Burnout Paradise, Empire Total War

Other games considered for The Ultimate Game of the Year: Empire: Total War, Grand Theft Auto IV

Mass Effect 2

The One to Watch

I love Bioware, and I loved Mass Effect – this series has all the makings of being as epic as the Original Star Wars trilogy. It’s dark, gritty – and chock full of awesome-sauce. AS much of a Square-Enix and Batman fanperson, it’s gotta be ME2 that gets my gaming blood pumping

Other Games considered: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Final Fantasy XIII

Metal Gear Solid Touch

Mobile Game of the Year

I’m not a fan of the MGS series, but to see a PS1 game on something like the iPhone is an achievement – I may not like it, but I do like what they did

Other Games considered: Peggle, Worms: World Party

Pokemon Platinum

Handheld Game of the Year

Again, go check out my review back in January on the Pokemon series – they did some upgrades, they did some changes, and Platinum is certainly an improvement on D&P

Other Games considered: Call of Duty: World at War, Final Fantasy IV


Publisher of the Year

Screw what’s going on with Left 4 Dead 2 – Left 4 Dead was awesome, TF2 was awesome, Half-Life, Counter Strike…they consistently make good games, so they are rather good.

Other Publishers considered: Rockstar, Square-Enix

World of Goo

Family Game of the Year

SO. DAMN. ADDICTIVE! And fun for all the family!

Other Games Considered: Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band 2

PS: “Family” games generally suck

Those are my choices – See you guys soon



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2 responses to “Celtic Gaming: Golden Joystick Awards 2009

  1. Webhead

    June 26, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    Guitar Hero over choices like MGS4 and Valkyria Chronicles for the Best PlayStation game? For shame!

    And since this inspired me to vote, my list:
    Family GOTY: LittleBigPlanet
    Handheld GOTY: Chrono Trigger
    Mobile GOTY: Metal Gear Solid Touch (which is NOT the PS1 game; it’s a shooter version of MGS4)
    Multiplayer GOTY: Rock Band 2
    Nintendo GOTY: Chrono Trigger
    The One to Watch: Half-Life 2 Episode 3
    Online GOTY: Left 4 Dead
    PC GOTY: Left 4 Dead
    PlayStation GOTY: Valkyria Chronicles
    Publisher of the Year: Valve (For the primary reason, just look at )
    Retailer of the Year: Valve (Steam)
    Soundtrack of the Year: Metal Gear Solid 4
    UK Developer of the Year: Criterion (Their support for Burnout Paradise has been amazing. Getting to drive the Back to the Future DeLorean = win)
    The Ultimate GOTY: Valkyria Chronicles
    Xbox GOTY: Left 4 Dead

    I’ve played all of the games I’ve voted for except for Chrono Trigger, but I fully intend to rectify that situation ASAP. And while I haven’t played L4D on the 360, that one hilarious night I spent with my friends in a PC gaming place shooting zombies is good enough.

    • scotsperson

      June 26, 2009 at 1:02 pm

      MGs4 was an interactive movie with a lie in the title, and I never played Valkyria Chronicles, so my votes are justified 😛


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