Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Minireviews-the Redux

10 Jul

Hello again! Rappy here, fighting a bit of a headache and acid reflux. It’s been a while, but here it is…another Mini-Review set to tide you over before a big one.

Fantastic Classes

First up is Fantastic Classes by Big Finger Games (no, I’m not kidding, that’s their company name). This title essentially aims to create d20 Modern versions of Dungeons and Dragons classes via talent trees, and does so fairly admirably. My main problem is the presentation of all new base classes instead of working with the six d20 Modern core classes. Thankfully, BFG already accounted for this and has options for using these fantastic classes as advanced classes (which I’d recommend). From barbarian rages or elemental blood, the talents here are good for bridging those gaps that Urban Arcana didn’t already fill. 9/10.

Talent Tree Compendium

Another BFG product, the Talent Tree Compendium focuses on the six core classes and gives them interesting new talents to fill in more gaps. Have you wanted a hero that uses their guns to intimidate rather than to wound? Take the Weapon Display talent tree. Want a constant sweeper of the surroundings who is innately talented at spotting enemies? The Paranoia talent tree is for you. These and others are well thought-out heres and theres that I find fascinating. There are a few rotten eggs for me, however; for instance, having talents that just give a feat seems to be against the point of talents vs. feats. All in all, though, it’s a solid title. 8/10.

..What, you expected more? These are mini-reviews. 😛

The big review will be up later today, after I get some headache pills.

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