Celtic Gaming: Top Ten Most Annoying Game Characters

28 Jul

This is a list I’ve had a mind to do for a while, so I’m doing it. Some great games are brought down by really, really…REALLY annoying characters – and almost every game has had the “Character to be hated” so today, I’m naming my top ten most annoying Characters – as always, this is my opinion, not a definitive list.

Number Ten

Charmy Bee – Shadow the Hedgehog

His voice…it is so ear-bleedingly awful! The game, that was barely bearable – but the one level you come across him? I felt like I had to be evil so I wouldn’t go deaf >.> Honestly, giving a Sonic game guns was bad enough, but was Charmy really necessary? Stop raping the series while you’re at it, Sega >.>

Number Nine

Scott – Pokemon R/S/E

Although he does improve very slowly to the point where at the end of the game you only wanna smack him instead of having your Pokemon beat him silly, he pops up at the most unnecessary times, insulting you the first time you meet him, then after you win two piss-easy battles, he decides to become your best friend! I mean, why? He’s just a brown-nosing so and so…

Number Eight

Town Guards – Elders Scrolls: Oblivion

Oblivion was supposed to give you the choice to be good or evil, but the moment you piss anyone off, no matter what, the guards will pop outta nowhere and hunt you down relentlessly. I mean, at least in Fallout 3 if you killed someone, no one gave a crap, hell you get paid for it most of the time! Here, the option is there, but you get killed the moment you think about it!

Number Seven

Dog – Duck Hunt

Do I really need to explain this one? He mocks you and won’t stay still to get shot at >.>

Number Six

Kefka – Final Fantasy VI

An odd choice, seeing as just a couple of months ago I praised him for being the best villain Final Fantasy has had – doesn’t stop the clowning bastard to be really, really annoying though, does it? While he may tick all the villain boxes, he ticks the pain-in-the-arse ones as well. Goes to show even the awesome can irritate you as well.

Number Five

The Computer Voice – Command & Conquer series

Number Four

Nintendogs – Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Anyone who got this assist trophy does not need me to explain why they are annoying – they block the entire screen, and only help the CPU opponents. They completely, and utterly screw you over…the cute demonic hounds of hell!

Number Three

Roman – GTA: IV

How can Rockstar keep screwing this up? San Andreas, that was a great game, except where you had to eat every few days, otherwise you lose health. I would welcome it back in a heartbeat as long as we didn’t have Roman phoning up in the middle of a gun fight saying “Niko, it’s your cousin! Do you wanna go see big American titties?” Screw you, Roman – I got a Rocket Launcher, and easy targets! I’m blowing shit up, like you’re supposed to do in a GTA game! Not stare at virtual boobs!

Number Two

Navi – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Hey! Listen! Shut up! Yes, we get it! Why Link didn’t kill the damn fairy is a mystery to me. The voice is high pitched, and consistently unwanted, and the only satisfaction comes from beating the game, because you know you don’t have to play the game and hear her voice anymore. She is one of the few characters in a Zelda game to get a voice, and they chose so poorly…oh so poorly

Number One

Lymle – Star Ocean: The Last Hope

She is, the only thing that has ever made me fear a letter – I actually have a doctor’s note allowing me to punch someone if they ever end their sentence with the letter “Kay?” I mean, I know she’s supposed to be young and naive, but honestly – was there a need for every other sentence to end like that? Her voice does no favours to it either. >.>

There you are, ten of the most annoying people in gaming – to me, anyway


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