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Zendikar! Part 2

Once again, I must kindly ask all rumormongers to plug their ears and close their eyes and go “LALALALALA!” Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappy’s Bestiary Review: E.N. Critters Volume 2-Beyond the Campfire

Okay, this time, I’m (slightly) more prepared, and thus have a more coherent strategy for giving my opinion on these creatures. The new format is as follows:

What it is: Kinda self-explanatory heading.

What it does: The powers and prowesses you’ll see the creature possess.

Usefulness: A rating system based on how likely you are to use it. The ranks are:

  • 1- Unlikely to see use except in certain circumstances, uber-niched.
  • 2- Niche creature; likely to see use in certain play styles or individual campaigns, but not an everyday monster.
  • 3- Average all in all.
  • 4- Somewhat inclined to a certain manner of play or setting, but still valuable.
  • 5- Versatile, likelyhood of finding a use high.

Use in d20 Modern: A little bit just for me, on how useful they’d be in a modern setting. Hey…someone is bound to find it useful (even if that person is just myself).

So…let’s get right down to it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappy’s Bestiary Review: E.N. Critters Volume 1-Ruins of the Pale Jungle

Welcome, fans! What’s a bestiary review, you might ask? It’s where I go over an all creatures book and give my thoughts creature per creature. There’s not really any other way of getting a good feel on whether you’ll want a bestiary in your hands than this, I say. So, I decided I’d look at every book in the E.N. Critters line as a startoff to this type of review. We’ll start…well…at the start, with the very first volume of the series, Ruins of the Pale Jungle. Read the rest of this entry »


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