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Rappy’s Top 10 Horror d20 Monsters

Greetings, lacedons and gentlemohrgs,  bones and ghouls. Tonight is my favorite night of the year, the one night that my love of the monstrous and legendary isn’t seen as quite as weird as it’s seen the rest of the year. I decided I’d do something a bit unique this year…a top 10 of my personal favorite horror-themed d20 monsters. Note that these are my personal favorites, so they are pretty subjective (duh). Read the rest of this entry »


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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Ravenloft Player’s Handbook

Welcome to the first review of this October season, where we’ll be gazing into the darkness…and hoping it doesn’t gaze back too hard. Today’s review will be of the Ravenloft Player’s Handbook from Sword and Sorcery Studios (a subsidiary tendril of White Wolf. Yes, that White Wolf). I’ll warn you ahead of time: this campaign setting isn’t for everyone. It’s like a D&D version of Call of Cthulhu: It wants you to die. Painfully. In creative and tortuous ways. Especially if you’re a spellcaster. Read the rest of this entry »

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Celtic Gaming: WET

Remember me? Scottish guy? Does Reviews and LP’s in between Rappy and Azalea’s posts? I’m back, and reviewing once a week – posted on in their blog section. I shall post a link and a brief description here, so I ain’t leaving – not for a long, long time. This week, I am looking at WET, a John-Woo-esque romp with a 70s feel – how does it hold up? Have a wee look down below…

LP Videos can be found here

WET Review can be found here

[Admin’s Note: Congratulations on making it to TGWTG blogging, Scotsperson!]

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