Rappy’s Top 10 Horror d20 Monsters

31 Oct

Greetings, lacedons and gentlemohrgs,  bones and ghouls. Tonight is my favorite night of the year, the one night that my love of the monstrous and legendary isn’t seen as quite as weird as it’s seen the rest of the year. I decided I’d do something a bit unique this year…a top 10 of my personal favorite horror-themed d20 monsters. Note that these are my personal favorites, so they are pretty subjective (duh).

10: Liquefied Zombie

Where it’s From: Urban Arcana

Why it’s Here: The standard zombie has been used to death, so it couldn’t really make it onto this list. The liquefied zombie, however, has a little bit extra that allows it to remain on this list. The liquefied zombie is bloated with decay, and sloshes around, leaking dissolved innards. Melee fighters are also fairly screwed if they encounter one as well, since enough damage will release its caustic load, dealing acid damage to those in range. These creatures have an ick factor that the regular zombie only partially reaches, as well as the realization that hurting it hurts you in return.

9: Leechwalker

Where it’s From: Monster Manual II and Urban Arcana

Why it’s Here: The leechwalker resembles an obese, featureless humanoid covered in leeches and slime. Creepy, no? Well…sorta. After you get over the initial “ZOMG!” moment at such a nasty thing, you realize that despite its appearance and blood-draining abilities, it’s rather weak and, to be blunt, stupid. A leechwalker is a vermin, meaning it isn’t going to go out of its way to mess with you or induce fear in your party, which is a shame. An aberration leechwalker would have probably been more effective, and higher on this list.

8: Flesh Plant

Where it’s From: Advanced Bestiary

Why it’s Here: Plants twisted into piles of bleeding meat. On top of that, their vicious attacks leave gaping, bleeding wounds. These are quintessential “things that should not be” aberrations, in all their hideous glory, and I love them for it.

7: Waking Dead

Where it’s From: Into the Black

Why it’s Here: The waking dead represent claustrophobia and the fear of being buried alive taken into a monster. These beings were presumed dead and buried alive. They later woke and went into hysteria, losing their sanity and their lives, only to later rise as manic undead with bestial hunger. While being buried alive isn’t as prevalent a fear as it was in Victorian times, the idea of the waking dead still has an unsettling tone.

6: Roach Thrall

Where it’s From: Urban Arcana

Why it’s Here: Cockroach-like aberrations that wear flayed human skins as “costumes”: perfect for Halloween! These creatures are essentially expies of the Edgar-suited Bug from Men in Black, but they still have a good body snatcher flavor to them. On the other hand….

5: Doppelganger

Where it’s From: Monster Manual

Why it’s Here: …The Roach thrall doesn’t hold a candle to the true master of bodysnatching, the doppelganger. While I’d prefer a mythological-based doppelganger, the d20 type makes a good alien infiltrator race (heck, they even look like Grays). They are the quintessential “they’re here, they’re there…they could be anywhere!” paranoia fueling creatures.

4: Dread Wraith Sovereign

Where it’s From: Advanced Bestiary

Why it’s Here: While there are plenty of dread undead in the Advanced Bestiary, the one that is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying is the dread wraith sovereign. With several unnatural and icy auras, powerful deflection Defense bonuses, spawn creation, spell resistance, turn resistance, and the ability to sense your very essence of life no matter where you are, it is the perfect hunting undead.

3: Walking Disease

Where it’s From: Into the Black

Why it’s Here: Corpses filled with diseases, fungi, and ooze, carrying their filth with them. There’s just something about disease that makes me feel uneasy, and combining it with the undead just makes it worse.

2: Stygilor

Where it’s From: Menace Manual

Why it’s Here: It’s an obese demon made out of cancerous tumors that eats diseased patients in hospitals. It’s deservedly on this list.

1: Abyssal Larva

Where it’s From: Tome of Horrors III

Why it’s Here: Abyssal larvae resemble obese horned worms with screaming human faces, contorted in pain. They can vomit up maggots and acid, but that’s not why they’re creepy. Their fluff and insanity mechanic makes them creepy. It is insinuated, but not confirmed, that abyssal larvae are the lowest and most tortured of evil humanoid souls, eternally on the lowest rung of the ladder as the horrid, twisted forms of insanity they are now. *Shivers*


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3 responses to “Rappy’s Top 10 Horror d20 Monsters

  1. Rutskarn

    November 19, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    That meat plant’s new–never seen the book for that one.

    One of my favorite creepy creatures is the Grey Jester from Heroes of Horror. It’s the fantasy equivalent of the evil clown that eats joy.

    • rappysaur

      November 24, 2009 at 1:51 am

      It’s “brother”, the Red Jester from Tome of Horrors…II, I think…is pretty wicked as well.

  2. Mikeharvey

    May 13, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    Hi, from Toronto, Canada

    Just a quick hello from as I’m new to the board. I’ve seen some interesting posts so far.

    To be honest I’m new to forums and computers in general 🙂



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