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Celtic Gaming: An Apology

Yes, I’m still alive – even though some people should have throttled me…Anyway, some of you are due an explanation to my radio silence. Below is my schedule of a typical week.

Monday Evening – Work once every three weeks.
Tuesday – Freebie Day
Wednesday – College
Thursday – College, then Work
Friday – College and Work
Saturday – Work every two out of three weeks
Sunday – Work every three weeks

At a glance, it may not seem taxing, but there is also studying, essay writing and the LP recording/editing. Add that to the fact of being screwed over several times…Basically, I underestimated the difficulty of doing a degree. However, as the Christymas holidays draw near, this is a great opportunity for me to recharge my batteries and figure out how Celtic Gaming will go from here – it may be in blog form, or if Santa has accepted my bribe, a new format entirely, which would be a bit of fun.

I’ve not been the best with updating, but come 2010, we shall see what happens.


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