Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Blood and Vigilance Part 3 of 4

17 May

The Big List-o’-Powers, Part 2

Enhanced Senses
This one should be rather self-explanatory; you get to pick one of the five senses. There are also feats to grant Darkvision, grant the Scent special quality, or detect falsehoods with your superhearing trained on someone’s heartbeat (?).

Ensnaring Attack
You can essentially replicate a net, although it isn’t necessarily a literal net; you can flavor it as a net of “energy”, net of force, whatever. There’s also a feat to increase its durability.

Unlike those with pseudo-flight Power Stunts in their power arsenal, you have the real deal with this power, and while you may start out with a relatively slow speed at first rank, you can gain stifling speeds if you invest a lot of power points into Fly. This is an iconic power, obviously, so I can’t imagine it would have been left out.

Force Field
You…erm…generate a force field. This is one of those completeness powers that would most likely be wrong to not include, but is rather boring to attempt to explain.

Depending on your power points, you can grow anywhere from 12 to 64 feet in height, your size category changing accordingly. This power has the ability to be made permanent as a limitation, to reflect characters that are giants because of their powers.

You can heal either damage, disease and blindness, or ability damage. As this is not an Exclusive power, you can use any of the options here when you have ranks in the power…just remember that they will cost an Action Point if you don’t have the right Power Stunt. Or did you forget that clause by now?

Rather self-explanatory. Comes in standard and “remain visible in combat’ flavors.

Life Support
You can choose between Amphibious (the ability to survive underwater for an extended period of time), Camel Metabolism (go for extended period of time without food or water), Cold-Blooded (survival in cold climates), Hot-Blooded (guess), and Vacuum Sealed (you can survive for a period of time in space). Another good utility power here.

You can assume a person’s identity, granting a bonus to Disguise checks and Disable Device checks against ID-based tech. Not quite as interesting as true shapeshifting, but…eh. It works for what it’s meant to replicate.

Mind Control
Rather self-explanatory, once again. It comes packaged with the feat Mental Paralysis, which can be taken to allow you to temporarily shut down, rather than puppeteer, someone’s mind.

Multiple Limbs
This Exclusive power grants you a permanent add-on to your body in the form of extra limbs. You can choose between Club Limb (can’t be used to manipulate objects, but is a good bludgeoning weapon; examples would include a mace-like ball-fist or, if combined with Swim Tail like the text suggests, a slamming tail fin. Power Points spent on it increase the damage), Motive Limb-Legs (extra legs that increase your land speed based on how many PP you spend taking ranks in it), Motive Limb-Swim Tail/Fins (same as the previous, but with Swim speed), Motive Limb-Wings (again the same as the previous, but with Fly speed), and Prehensile Limbs (extra normal-handed arms, a prehensile tail, prehensile hair if that’s your stylization of it, etc.). Two feats are presented to increase multi-limb combat effectiveness as well.

Photographic Reflexes
You can replicate (depending on your ranks in it) skills or feats you see in use. Interesting utility power, not that interesting to try to talk about.

Here we have another very utility-packed power. You can reduce damage from falling with the Bounce stunt, pseudo-levitate by stretching your legs with Daddy Long-Legs, increase your reach with Elongation, increase your speed with Long Strider, up your escaping prowess with Malleabiltiy, or squeeze through tight spaces with…well…the aptly-named stunt Tight Places. This power seems like it would be good coupled with some sort of damage-resisting power such as Absorption (Physical Melee) to reflect the durability of a plastic/rubber/whatever-malleable-substance-you-are body.

Power Detection
You can detect powers. I bet you’re surprised, huh? There’s also a specific limitation for this power that only allows you to detect supers with a specific Origin. While this seems a bit silly to take on first glance, it could be interesting to have, say, a monster hunter hero with Power Detection (limited to Living Dead).

Power Mimic
You can pull a Parasite and mimic powers with a touch, although how effectively you can mimic a power is limited to your ranks in this power. Feats are available to let you take multiple powers at once, mimic powers at a short distance rather than with a touch, mimic powers more effectively, or store and use a single mimicked power at later times.

Power Nullification
This power is rather similar to Power Mimic, right down to having similar feat (and having a feat that combines the two powers, no less!), but temporarily removes the use of a random power the adversary has rather than copying it (unless one has the aforementioned hybriding feat).

You can see into the fuuuuutuuure! *Finger waggles*

Probability Manipulation
This Exclusive power can have ranks taken for either creating good luck or bad luck. There are three feats to push your own good luck manipulation to the extremes, but no feats to give someone really, really bad luck. Ah well, you can’t have everything, I suppose.

The three uses of this power are Regeneration (regain hit points at a higher speed than most), Regrowth (you can regrow limbs), and Slow Aging (rather obvious). There’s also two quite handy feats to go with this power; Enhanced Recovery allows you to get a lot of healing done with a little bit of rest, while Perfect Patient grants an aid bonus to anyone trying to heal you with Treat Injury, a spell, etc.

The opposite of Growth, obviously. The fun thing about this power is the accompanied feat Up and Under, which lets you shrink, rush under an enemy, then bash them with a sudden growth spurt back to your normal size. Fun stuff there.

Rather self-explanatory.

Stunning Attack
You can use some sort of ability (taser-fingers, a knockout blow, whatever) to daze, rather than injure, an opponent.

Super Leap
You can jump to high heights. Again, this is more of a completion power than anything really fancy for me to speak about.

Super Speed
While this one should be rather self-explanatory, it is of note that it has a feat that allows you to move up walls and on water with your super speed.

Super Skill
With this Exclusive power, you can spend your Power Points on either increasing your bonuses to a certain skill or buying extra feats beyond the ones granted by your class as bonus feats.

Super Swimming
You can either gain a Swim speed or get gills to allow you to survive underwater permanently, instead of temporarily as with the Life Support (Amphibious) Power Stunt.

Superhuman Ability Score
You permanently enhance one of your ability scores…unsurprisingly. I should note, however, that some of the ability scores have added benefits you can buy with your Power Points. Superhuman Constitution has a Power Stunt for increasing your Massive Damage Threshold, Superhuman Dexterity has a Power Stunt for letting you effectively “fly” through areas where you can swing and climb from numerous objects (such as in the urban jungle or the…erm…real jungle), Superhuman Intelligence has Power Stunts for either adding to your bonus on an Intelligence-based skill check (sort of like Super Skill, but more limited) or recall a memory/factoid/whatever from your super-memory, and Superhuman Strength has a stunt for increasing your lifting power beyond what your Strength score would allow. There are two power-based feats as well; Lightning Memory (decreases skill check times immensely) for Superhuman Intelligence and Wall Crawler (you can pull a Spider-Man and crawl up surfaces that you shouldn’t normally be able to) for Superhuman Dexterity.

You can move objects….with your mind! This power also has specific stunts for telekinetically disarming people, telekinetic flight, punching people with mind fists, and telekinetic shielding.

This power has Power Stunts for Empathy (merely a bonus to some skills based on reading emotions), ESP (full-on mind reading), Mind Link (telepathic communication), and Psi Bolt (you can daze targets by telepathically short-circuiting their brains).

Again, a rather obvious one. Has a feat for advancing teleport-based Defense and another for advancing teleport-based attacks.

You can pull a Human Torch and set yourself ablaze with this power, whose stunts are Flare (create an insta-signal flare or blind someone) and Human Jet (fire flight).

Sort of a mix between the Armor and Density Increase powers, with the drawback of making yourself vulnerable to magnetic- and electricity-based powers and abilities.

Physical attacks tend to slip through your body like you were…well…sand. There’s also a specific Power Stunt for dissolving into grains of sand and sliding through spaces.

Like the above, but with water. As water, however, fire attacks can steam you up (hehe), and cold attacks can slow you down.

Unique Item
A tie-in power to Blood and Circuits, Unique Item gives you bonus pointage for building unique items under that title’s system.

Even Fancier Feats of Fancy

Before we finally move away from powers and into the final portions of the title, there is a selection of “general power feats”. Instead of being tied to a specific power, these feats work for most powers of a specific type, or just powers in general. These range from rather bland to talk about but are useful anyway (such as Power Surge, which grants you 1 extra Power Point with each level you gain, and the self-explanatory Increase Duration and Increase Range feats) to intriguing (such as Power Grouping, which is designed to help you augment several related powers at once and encourages smart thinking, or Signature Stunt, which lets you gain custom Power Stunts not in the title easier). All in all, this is a short but sweet addendum to a rather (understandably) lengthy chapter. So it’s now time to finally move on.

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