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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: d20 Modern Core Rulebook, Part 1

Heroes vs. rejects from The Warriors.

"Mimes...why did it have to be mimes?"

NOTICE: All art on this page is from Wizards of the Coast, and is thus copyright of its appropriate authors. It is shown here via the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game Art Gallery as reference only.

In the past, I have reviewed plenty of d20 Modern books. Some of you, however, may have only played Dungeons and Dragons, if any d20 games at all. So, as a courtesy to you and a challenge to myself, I decided I’d review the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook (simply referred to as the d20 Modern Core Rulebook, or DMCR, from now on) itself. No supplemental bases for the review, all on its own, standing on its own two feet in front of me, the judge. How do the core rules of d20 Modern fare on their own, sans supplements, and what is different from other d20 games? Well, let’s take a look and find out. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Rebellion Era Sourcebook, Part 2

The Empire Strikes Back

Like chapter 1, the chapter on Episode V is fluff-heavy, starting off with the beginning of the movie. In addition to pages dedicated to Hoth and its asteroid belt, there are specific pages for Hoth’s Echo Base, the events of the Battle of Hoth, the war generals of both the Rebellion and the Empire for the battle, Imperial war machines used in the fight such as the mighty AT-ATs, Vader’s fleet over Hoth, and both Rebel troopers and Snowtroopers that fought on the ground during the Battle of Hoth. Thankfully, as is to be expected, there is fluff for each of these. In addition to obvious things such as the stats for the Rebel General Rieekan and Imperial General Veers, wampa ice monsters and tauntauns, Snowtroopers, and Rebel troopers stationed on Hoth, there are some general surprises like Read the rest of this entry »

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