Rappy’s RPG Reviews: d20 Modern Core Rulebook, Part 3

14 Aug

NOTICE: All art on this page is from Wizards of the Coast, and is thus copyright of its appropriate authors. It is shown here via the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game Art Gallery as reference only.

The Armor-y

Light Armor (5): Leather jacket, leather armor, light undercover shirt, pull-up pouch vest, and undercover vest.

Medium Armor (4): Concealable vest, chainmail shirt, light-duty vest, tactical vest.

Heavy Armor (3): Special response vest, plate mail, forced entry unit.

Verdict: The lack of shields is a detracting factor from this portion, but thankfully the riot shield and others made their debut in Urban Arcana as quick compensation. Beyond that oversight, though, this section is fairly decent, but a bit too brief for my tastes. More annoyingly, even Urban Arcana didn’t add bomb squad armor to the list of d20 Modern defenses, which is sad. You have made the MythBusters cry, d20 Modern armor lists!

Heroes in a spy van.

A spy is only as good as his gadgets.

General (Equipment) Store

Bags and Boxes (10): Aluminum travel case (in 10, 40, and 75 lb. sizes), briefcase, contractor’s field bag, day pack, handbag (standard, range pack, and oversized), and patrol box.

Clothing (13): Outfits (business, casual, and formal), fatigues, uniform, ghillie suit, outerwear (coat, fatigue jacket, overcoat, and parka), photojournalist’s vest, windbreaker, and tool belt.

Computers and Consumer Electronics (16): Cameras (35mm, digital, and disposable, as well as prices for extra film and developing), cell phone, computers (desktop and notebook, as well as prices for upgrading to higher-than-standard computer systems), digital audio recorder, modems (broadband and cellular), PDA, portable satellite phone, portable video camera, printer, scanner, and walkie-talkies (basic and professional).

Surveillance Gear (10): Black box, Caller ID defeater, cellular interceptor, lineman’s buttset, metal detector, night vision goggles, tap detector, and telephone taps (line tap, receiver tap, and line tracer).

Professional Equipment (30): Bolt cutter, 25-set of caltrops, car opening kit, chemical kit, demolitions kit, disguise kit, duct tape, electrical tool kits (basic and deluxe), evidence kits (basic and deluxe), fake ID, forgery kit, handcuffs (steel and 25-set of zip ties), instruments (keyboard, percussion, stringed, and wind), lockpick set, lock release gun, mechanical tool kits (basic and deluxe), medical kit, multipurpose tool, pharmacist kit, search-and-rescue kit, spike strip, and surgery kit.

Survival Gear (24): Backpack, binoculars (standard, rangefinding, and electro-optical), set of 5 chemical light sticks, climbing gear, compass, fire extinguisher, flash goggles, flashlights (penlight, standard, and battery flood), gas mask, GPS receiver, maps (road atlas and tactical map), mesh vest, portable stove, 150 ft. of rope, sleeping bag, tents (2-, 4-, and 8-person domes), and 12 sets of trail rations.

Weapon Accessories (14): Box magazine, detonators (blasting cap, radio-controlled, timed, and wired), holsters (hip and concealed carry), illuminator, laser sight, scopes (standard and electro-optical), speed loader, and suppressors (pistol and rifle).

Verdict: Whoo…lots of stuff. Lots and lots of stuff here. While not perfect, the sheer number of goodies here makes this a definite good section. This section is made even more useful by a sidebar listing general items that aid or are  critical for certain skill checks, which is great for a quick reference of items for PCs…or for a GM kitting out NPCs, for that matter.


Next time: we finish up the equipment section and the introduction of the advanced classes.

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