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Rappy’s Comic Reviews: Jurassic Park-Redemption Issue #2

Note: All art shown here is copyrighted by IDW Publishing, and is the creation of Frank Miller and Nate Van Dyke. The images are shown here for referential use in this satirical non-profit review only.

Lest we forget what I’m also reviewing alongside other things, we’re back with issue numero dos of Jurassic Park: Redemption. When we last left off, a bladder-addled Hispanic farmer (since he has a red shirt and blue overalls, I shall call him Mario, and proceed to make fan speculations that he has prior experience in fighting large reptiles, as well as plumbing) was being loomed over by a Carnotaurus, South America’s “meat-eating bull” dinosaur and one hell of a pug-faced oddity. Well, an oddity to us; I’m sure that, to other abelisaurids, Carnotaurus was quite the handsome gent. But I digress…

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