San Antonio Zoo Photos 1

06 Jun

Yesterday, my vacation took me to the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium, by far the most amazing zoo I’ve been to in my travels. Now, I know that San Antonio is the seventh-largest city in the United States, but I had not expected how mind-blowingly amazing this zoo was going to be, and I will most assuredly be giving it an Animal Attractions spotlight in the future (after I finish up a backlog on that subject). For now, though, enjoy some images of the awesomeness of the earlier parts of the zoo, its main aquarium, and the Amazonia exhibits, with a photo post entirely dedicated to the zoo’s reptile house coming next.

Part of an exhibit for Caribbean flamingos, in specific the nesting grounds. Spot the fluffy white chick in the middle of the image.

Zookeeper’s notes, one the better ideas I’ve seen as far as guest information goes. Keeper 354, we salute you.

Blind cave tetras, one of many quirky denizens of the zoo’s aquarium building.

This European cuttlefish decided to be exceedingly photogenic and change its coloration multiple times.

A mob made up of various species of rainbowfish, a group native to Australia, New Guinea, and southeast Asia.

The Asian arowana, or dragonfish, is related to the silver arowana of the Amazon.

Believe it or not, Madagascar’s fossa is not actually a cat. No, this funky feline-looking predator is actually a cousin of the mongoose.

Like many of the colonial birds at the zoo, the scarlet ibises were nesting.

One of my favorite animal species in the Amazonia exhibits was the dwarf caiman. Sadly, lots of people were assholes and had thrown pennies into the pool of the two dwarfs on display.

One of the habitats in the “night life” section of Amazonia had nine-banded armadillos sharing an enclosure with this adorably derpy two-toed sloth.

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