San Antonio Zoo Photos 2

06 Jun

Here’s the second photo set of the night, specifically dedicated to the San Antonio Zoo’s reptile house. More pictures to come tomorrow, but for now enjoy these beautiful and often deadly reptiles.

Native to the tropical lowlands of New Guinea, the green tree monitor has an amazing coloration that grants it its name.

In a rather amusing moment caught on camera, this exuberant chuckwalla lizard runs right over a giant horned lizard that has buried itself in the sands of their Texas-themed terrarium.

An endangered species from a tumultuous land, the vibrantly patterned Kaznakov’s viper can be found in mountainside azalea and cherry forests in Turkey, Georgia, and Russia.

The Okinawan habu pit viper is one of the few notable venomous snakes of Japan.

While part of multiple specimens of its species in their terrarium, this particular Mexican lance-headed rattlesnake decided to stand out in the crowd.

The tomistoma, or false gharial, is one of my favorite crocodilian species. You can imagine that seeing them in person was an exciting experience.

The Mang mountain pit viper, as its name implies, is from the Chinese Mt. Mang. It also spits venom, being pretty much the only non-cobra snake that does so.

Slithered together in the coils of bliss are this pair of western green mambas. Hopefully the happy couple will bring the San Antonio Zoo even more zooborns.

In spite of its name, this Mexican jumping viper is being rather sedate in its rocky overhang hideout.

As is to be expected, the act of a Komodo dragon climbing a tree drew the crowds quickly. Luckily, I still got several camera shots off.

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One response to “San Antonio Zoo Photos 2

  1. Bob

    June 19, 2012 at 2:41 am

    Cool photos!


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