San Antonio Zoo Photos 3

10 Jun

More San Antonio Zoo photographs for your viewing, this time from the aviary to the wetlands exhibits. Apologies for the prevalence of mesh in these exhibits, but I tried my best to get decent photographs in spite of them.

Nicobar pigeons are, unsurprisingly, from the Nicobar Islands and other parts of southeast Asia. They are also one of the closer living relatives of the dodo bird.

Two South American spectacled owls laid out in the Texan sun.

Africa’s pied crow is quite the charming little fellow, and is seen here preening itself.

This green junglefowl and vulturine guineafowl were having an odd bout of inter-species beak jousting over several minutes. Interestingly enough, both of these creatures have been domesticated as farm fowl over the ages, making them more similar than you’d think.

This African wattled crane stayed very close to the edge of its exhibit, seemingly quite intrigued by the strange near-furless mammals watching it.

The wattled crane shared its enclosure with this stunning specimen: a gharial. As the gharial is a piscivorous crocodilian, the tilapia fish in the exhibit have more to worry about from this reptile than the crane ever would!

The F.C. Hixon Bird House contains large indoor bird enclosures for various bird species from around the world. In this coastal display, a group of Inca terns gaze upon one of several laughing gulls, the second of four total species in said coastal display.

One of the largest displays in the Hixon Bird House is the Australian outback display. Shown here are two of its contrasting species: the well-camouflaged tawny frogmouth and the colorful galah cockatoo.

Less than 550 Orinoco crocodiles are estimated to exist in the wild. With zoos like San Antonio’s keeping captive specimens like this one, however, there is always hope remaining for this vanishing South American species.

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