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General Subject Update

It’s been over a year since my last post. Gee, that sure is surprising, isn’t it? Not like I’m well known for having big periods of inactivity or anything.

Well, here I am again, mainly to talk about stuff in general and this blog’s future.

First and foremost, I have started another blog that can be found here. There’s nothing on it yet, but it will serve the purpose of being a dumping ground for anything not related to roleplaying games or reviews. A random stream of conscience post about something? There, not here. A writing project not related to roleplaying games? There, not here. Etc., etc. I already have one dumb little thing planned for that blog already, and I will eventually begin moving posts from here to there if they don’t apply here.

Second, the Pok√©mon Verdance and Wasteland project’s status: currently on indefinite hiatus due to matters outside of my control. If a post comes, it will come like a ship in the night rather than at any expected time. It will also come at my other blog.

Third, reviews: they will still exist when I feel like it. Don’t worry about me never returning ever or anything, I promise.

And then there’s the fourth matter…fourth and last, but not least. This is the matter of actual roleplaying game writing content. Most of you reading this have probably known what I’m going to be writing here for months now, but in case you haven’t, I have started to change my system of choice from d20 Modern to GURPS. Long story short is that there was some soul-searching, system seeking, and lots of questions asked to myself, and that was the end result. I won’t be attempting to provide any time schedules or updates here, and will instead just be giving finalized links of collected PDFs.

UPDATE, December 2016: A year later, and I’m fairly sure it’s even more obvious that this blog has become more or less just an archive. I’m going to keep it up for posterity, but it’s very unlikely you’ll be seeing anything more coming through this pipe. Anything not roleplaying game-related and creative is likely to go through the above linked blog, while anything roleplaying game-related will now be on a separate GURPS-centric blog I have now created.

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