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Dagfari Rants/Celtic Gaming – Episode 2: Online Etiquette

Hey, look! I made another video rant! Whee! This is certainly more fun to do, and gets my point across a lot more than written form – would have posted this sooner, but I was waiting for Rappy to get off her arse so I didn’t double update – poke her more to update more! 😛

Oh, and remember I’m also on Youtube – come over to for Let’s Play Videos, and other nonsense from my mad mind! I need more company!

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Celtic Gaming/Dagfari Rants – Episode 1, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Told ya!

I was waiting for my schedule to calm down before starting this, but there will be an episode every Saturday – consider this a bonus episode! Let’s see how long this lasts

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Celtic Gaming: An Apology

Yes, I’m still alive – even though some people should have throttled me…Anyway, some of you are due an explanation to my radio silence. Below is my schedule of a typical week.

Monday Evening – Work once every three weeks.
Tuesday – Freebie Day
Wednesday – College
Thursday – College, then Work
Friday – College and Work
Saturday – Work every two out of three weeks
Sunday – Work every three weeks

At a glance, it may not seem taxing, but there is also studying, essay writing and the LP recording/editing. Add that to the fact of being screwed over several times…Basically, I underestimated the difficulty of doing a degree. However, as the Christymas holidays draw near, this is a great opportunity for me to recharge my batteries and figure out how Celtic Gaming will go from here – it may be in blog form, or if Santa has accepted my bribe, a new format entirely, which would be a bit of fun.

I’ve not been the best with updating, but come 2010, we shall see what happens.


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Celtic Gaming: WET

Remember me? Scottish guy? Does Reviews and LP’s in between Rappy and Azalea’s posts? I’m back, and reviewing once a week – posted on in their blog section. I shall post a link and a brief description here, so I ain’t leaving – not for a long, long time. This week, I am looking at WET, a John-Woo-esque romp with a 70s feel – how does it hold up? Have a wee look down below…

LP Videos can be found here

WET Review can be found here

[Admin’s Note: Congratulations on making it to TGWTG blogging, Scotsperson!]

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Celtic Gaming: Top Ten Most Annoying Game Characters

This is a list I’ve had a mind to do for a while, so I’m doing it. Some great games are brought down by really, really…REALLY annoying characters – and almost every game has had the “Character to be hated” so today, I’m naming my top ten most annoying Characters – as always, this is my opinion, not a definitive list. Read the rest of this entry »

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From the grave, comes Celtic Gaming

It’s been a long awkward hiatus, however tomorrow will see a return to a twice-weekly Celtic Gaming. In addition to this, you will see:

My own series of Let’s Plays, that started on Saturday I’m playing through Final Fantasy V and you can see them right here. Rate, comment, subscribe – just help spread the word around. I won’t be osting them up here, but there will be a new one every day, barring unseen circumstances.

Aaaand that’s it.

See you tomorrow.


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Celtic Gaming: Golden Joystick Awards 2009

Yeah, I know all three of us have been kinda behind in updates, but everyone knows that this part of the year is busy for a lot of people. Az has stuff she’s got on, Rappy has a really big project going on, and I’m up to some stuff as well, but what better way to get back to updating than taking a moment to tell you folks about the Golden Joystick Awards (( )). I was putting in my votes and I thought I’d share them with you, and tell you why. There are a couple of games that got my vote in multiple categories, so it will be game first, then the categories. I’ll be leaving out the two UK Specific categories. Read the rest of this entry »


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