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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Future Player’s Companion-Tomorrow’s Foundation, Part 2

The Skills to do the Job, and the Feats to do it Right

While there were decent occupations and aliens and good talent trees, this section is where Tomorrow’s Foundation truly comes into its own. D20 Future‘s look at skills was rather limited, covering the bases of starship computers and astrogating, treating injuries of species from a creature type other than your own, disabling and repairing robots, and understanding unfamiliar technology. Here, we get the much-needed rules for using Climb and Tumble in the void of space, as we as skill uses for reprogramming robots, complex jetpack use, and comprehending alien technology. In addition, there are a few skills that apply to non-futuristic campaigns as well, which always puts a smile on my face; really, why weren’t there rules on sabotage and falsifying manufacturing notes in a modern book? The biggest note is Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by on April 7, 2010 in RPG Reviews


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