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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Testament, Part 3

Welcome to the third and final piece of the Testament review. Here, we’ll be going in full steam and taking a look at the remaining chapters, from 7 to 25 and reaching our final verdict. Is this title anointed by the Heavenly Host, or cast down into the Pit of Despair? You’ll just have to stick around to find out! Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Pathfinder Chronicles-Classic Horrors Revisited

Welcome back to another RPG review from yours truly.

…Yes, yes, I know, the whole Animorphs blind readthrough thing still hasn’t been done. I promise it will before the year is out, at least. For now, though, I’m reviewing a title from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Yeah, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of those! Indeed, last time I did was all the way back in 2009, with the then-recent Pathfinder Bestiary. Now I’ve finally returned to this D&D offshoot to look at one of its most totally terrifying titles: Classic Horrors Revisited!

Introducing the “Monsters Revisited” Concept

Classic Horrors Revisited is just one of what I like to call the “monsters revisited” titles. In a way, they are Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Star Wars Saga Edition-Threats of the Galaxy

The third book to come out for Star Wars Saga Edition (after Starships of the Galaxy…for…some reason), Threats of the Galaxy basically acted as the Monster Manual for SWSE. While it would be impractical to go over each and every stat block in the game, especially after I already reviewed the rules basics of the game, I do have a plan for this. Yes, really. Plan. I totally have one. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Star Wars Saga Edition Game Rules

Hello again, dear viewers. For this review, I’m going to be taking a look at the basic rules changes of the latest – and, as of yet, last – Star Wars roleplaying game: Star Wars Saga Edition. First, let’s have a little backstory on what got us to this point.

In 2004, the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (not to be confused with a Star Wars roleplaying game) produced the sourcebook Ultimate Adversaries, a tome of beasts, baddies, and battle droids from all over the Star Wars universe. It was a great collective title, gathering up and revising monsters from previous books, introducing a veritable rogue’s gallery of NPCs, and putting in a fair amount of droids and gadgets for use by allies and adversaries alike. What could ever top that? Well…nothing, apparently, as that was the last title produced for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game as it was. While some free web enhancements – including RPG stats for characters, droids, vehicles, and vessels from Revenge of the Sith – trickled in on the rare occasion, things were basically dead, and it looked grim for the RPG franchise as delivered by Wizards of the Coast.

Fast forward to 2007. Read the rest of this entry »


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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Blood and Relics, Part 2

“The Power of Christ Compels You!”

Heading into chapter 2, we are introduced to a new game mechanic: “spiritual afflictions”. This is really one of the few spots where the specific type of religious conspiracy/Heaven vs. Hell setting that runs more covertly through the generic occult conspiracy of Blood and Relics bubbles violently to the surface, presenting itself plain and clear for all to see. Spiritual afflictions are similar to the Taint from Ravenloft; they are not diseases of the body or the mind so much as they are of the soul, a corrupting tendril of influence from the things of darkness. Some of the generic afflictions include self-explanatory things such as Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Blood and Relics (Part 1)

One of my first reviews, since lost to the annals of time, was of the RPGObjects title Blood and Relics. It is simultaneously what spurred me on to continued blogging way back when, as well as the reason I wanted to rewrite a lot of my old RPG reviews in the first place.  It was sort of like remembering your first bike ride: you have a fondness for your successes, but you also remember hitting the rocks and falling face-first into the mud as well. While I do believe it was the first time I successfully managed to channel snarky comments into an overall positive review, at the same time it still had some subconscious underpinnings of my Baptist heritage. When reviewing a religiously-charged roleplaying game supplement, that subconsciousness was a no-no; even if I hadn’t been officially Southern Baptist since around high school, I still had a bit of it clinging on in the back of my head. Thankfully, I now live on a religious diet that consists of Good Omens, Internet blogs mocking silly fundamentalist fiction, and Carl Sagan, so I don’t exactly hold my fundamentalist mindset of the distant past as an anchor or a sacred cow. So, without further adieu, let’s get out the steak knives and barbeque sauce as we cut into Blood and Relics. Again. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rappy’s RPG Reviews: Template Troves 1-Serpents, Spiders, and Godlings

Hey again, folks, it’s time for a review of the first of the Template Troves series, some smaller template tomes from the creators of the Book of Templates Deluxe Edition 3.5. As its name implies, this particular trove focuses on snake-, spider-, and legend-related templates…sorta. What do I mean by that “sorta”? Well, let’s dig in and find out. Read the rest of this entry »

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